17 Oct 2011

New hair to new exam...


Just a small update...

Today I'm on my way to Malacca to take my MUET exam. On the way there I will pickup Najmi at Shah Alam and print my research paper.

This might be a loong trip coz I will travel using my mom's car and returning to Perak on 20th oct visiting my daddy from his operation at Batu Pahat Hospital.

On the way back to Perak on 20th, I will drop by at Shah Alam to pickup my hard covered printed research report and drive back to Malacca submit it by hand to my lecturer. There is no other way to print same amount of money with UH Trading or MRO (Malacca) but in lesser time. That is why I dare to travel back and forth between Malacca and Shah Alam. HAHAHAHA!

Oh! By the way, after 4 months without hair cut, finally I've got one. Long and messy hair makes me look immature and the only solution is to cut off my hair. I like my looong hair by the way.

My loong hair makes me look like this:

My new hair style influenced by this artist,

Noh Hujan

Apparently his style does influence me be all the way from Avenged Sevenfold Zacky Vengeance
Lemme present to the whole world the differences between my old hair and my new hair...


Ps: Why I ask the barber to layer my hair?! OWH!! It might be more like Noh if my hair is normal right in the middle and front...


  1. silap doe... ko patot tgk aku stylekan ke kiri... mega wehh!