14 Oct 2011

Keboringan melanda~


Suppose to be today's pot were only picture.

But hey! this is my blog. I can do anything with it. DUH!

Back to topic, I have notting to do today coz didn't get enough sleep plusss I have backache this morning making my life today become less interesting like usual.

There is notting to talk about today but hey! I made my first video today! Check this one out.

*Be advised, do not try this at home without proper equipment. Hahahaha!

To be honest I started to play guitar around 4 years now. Not excessively but as a hobby apart from designing and photography. I love music so much and dedicated it to this blog. I love arts to be exact.

This video were recorded by stolen camera I've got from my girlfriend. Got motivation from looking many vlogger to their works. Amazingly I've tried to to the same. To be a Vlogger. Naaah!! I've love writing better than vlogging. I just love to do video editing with my PC. hahaha!

Just look at my hideous hair. Really need a haircut but coz of my lazyness makes me wanna ask the barber come to my house to cut my hair. BAAH! only available in my dream! Got lots of issue with my hair. Almost 4 months never got hair cut. Amazingly 'Pak Gad' never catch me during examination with my long hair. HAHAHAH!

By the way, this song were introduced by my GF (Miss Atiqah) quite long time coz I love the song 'Tak kusangka, tak kuduga' from the same person that sing this song. Apit from Baron Bros. Just know a little bit about this group of musician. Well, I just love music and I love people who make them. Well done Baron bros.

My lil bro (Rahim) suggest me to listen this song from Kristal Band. Well, not bad. Not bad at all. 

Got a little confusion here about this song originated from where. Coz some people say from baron bros but some say from kristal or anyway another. I just love Baron Bros cover better than Kristal. hahaha!

By the way, mind my house that messy. Coz this is my LAIR! hahahahaha!

Got any suggestion about any song to cover? I wanna make 48 cover song and post it every week on Monday within this blog. Hehehe! Just now got several lists of song I wanna cover:

Tak kusangka, tak kuduga - apit
Luahan hati - apit
Jujur- radja
Tulus - radja
Yang terindah - dakmie
Kamelia - sweetcharity
Lead sails and paper anchor - atreyu
So far away - avenged sevenfold
Zombie-  the cranberries
Tanya sama hud hud -  M nasir
Bersama semula - ACAB
Street of Uptown - ACAB
Racial Hatred II - ACAB

Total 13 song. Need lots more.

If I wanna post more about my cover song, I need more quality gadget such as better microphone, and better video recording device. As for me, video work is Okay but sound quality is low. HAHAH! Nevermind lah!

Well that is for now.
Ps: This post supposed to published on wenesday... but... naaahh! Never mind-lah!

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