13 Oct 2011

Hi. Salam.

*Facts of Deaf people, they prefer called Deaf with capital D.*

Slumb3r wanna story. *of course-lah!, this blog called Slumb3rStory mah!*

Last semester 6, Slumb3r had to find any organization that represent a group of people with any disability. Slumber's group choose PUSKOM aka Persatuan Orang Pekak Negeri Melaka (POPNM).

POPNM is one of the organization for the Deaf people around Malacca. This organization not only FOR the Malacca people but people around them t00 as long as they are  Deaf. 

This Deaf community offers to their members support in terms of technologies advancement, working opportunities and others things that normal people do that they unable to do coz of their deafness.

Amazingly, Slumb3r learn a lot from Kak Safiya (PUSKOM sign language interpreter) about Deaf people.

From Slumb3r's experience when first time entering PUSKOM community centre at Bachang (Near Giant) is a funny start.

We've give many 'Salam' just before entering the office but then no one answered the 'salam' coz we forgot that we are in the place of deaf people. Hehehe. However the only person that can talk during the first meeting is Kak Safiya. hehehe.

In the end, it was fun working with them during the TOUCH 2011 event. We represent POPNM booth during the event. Slumb3r will talk about TOUCH 2011 in another post.

Haaaaa... Kak Safiya is sign language interpreter thus she share some her knowledge about sign language to us. Frankly, Slumb3r know a little bit of sign language. 

Slumb3r wanna share this cool video about a song that being interpret to sign language. 

I love musix... hehehe...


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