26 Oct 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Korban

Dengan ucapan tulus ikhlas dari slumb3rstory....

Raya la wei. Raya seperti biase. Akan emo juga akhirnya. Bila cuti je mesti ada masalah...

Jangan fikir sangat. Ape-ape pun, selamat hari raya.

Credit to Mr. Google

For more insight of my life, refer to this notessssss....

12 Oct 2012

Dominonism sedap bila free

Ni kali kedua update blog guna BB.. Tapi tak tahu la macam mana rupanya kang sebab aku dah tuka signature bb...

Kira okay lah daripada tak boleh update langsung kan...

Oh yea... Malam tadi Miss A payung Dominos... Dia ad byk gila kupon...

Dah habis makan baru ingat nak tangkap gambo sebelum ni tak ingat... Bukan takat terlupa nak amek ganbo, chili flakes pn terlupe nak letak... Sedap je tenyeh benda tu kat mulut... Lupa dunia sebentar...

Okay, tu je update simple ni... Cubaan kali kedua untuk mobile update...

This is mobile post, ignore typos.

10 Oct 2012

Scandal Band Again!

Must write... must write!!

I cannot stop thinking about going to the concert. Seriously!

Just now I've Google 'Scandal band Malaysia' and found out that they had their FB fan page for Malaysian.

All of my housemates are suggesting me to go. Because "once of a lifetime opportunity" they said. I've got only until 1st Nov to get the ticket at best price which is the lowest price of RM 100.00 about my one and half week of pocket money. DAMMIT!

The FB link is here my friends.

I need to reconsider going to UiTM Kedah on that day.

Help ME to make a real decision~!

8 Oct 2012

First post guna BB

Tak tahu la boleh guna ke tidak BB untuk post blog siap dengan gambar... Ni la baru nak try... Oh yea.. Malam tadi g party bthday bobo...

Hahahah... Ni cake dy... Tah kenapa ada nama Hazik kat situ bersa ma iqbal..
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5 Oct 2012

Me and Scandal (Scandal and me) LIVE in MALAYSIA!

Don't get me wrong.

First thing first, take a look at this video clip from one of my favorite band.

Okay... They are having concert at Kuala Lumpur here in MALAYSIAA!!!

For those who are interested on goin that concert, they can buy ticket online here at this link.

As for me, I'm not goin......

I need to help my course mates at UiTM Kedah on that day which is 1 Dec 2012. They got some sort of book fair for their publishing project. I will post the details about this upcoming project later. T_T

I like Scandal band during their appearance as 'girls band' not as 'dancing girl band'. Although they still in 'band' but the way that Scandal band now are much more like k-pop and i don't like k-pop. i aware that this is for the marketing purposes but they had lost their identity.

I like Scandal in the 2009/2010 rather than now.

They had slowly turn more on k-pop!


I had my twitter mention their name and band but they don't RT or reply. Such a shame Don't mind this.

Last but not least, I don't like Mami's hair style. 

I admit she is damm beautiful but this hair style is tooooooooo....

I much do prefer Mami in the old hair style. Black.

Yeah.... But at least she is beautiful. and look rusty

That is all. Check out this local news reporting their concert in Malaysia. To buy ticket online, click here.