11 Oct 2011

Cover song from Breaking Benjamin - Diary Of Jane


*Guess What?!*

Starting from today, I'm going start to write my blog in English coz of MUET exam is just around the corner.

Apart from that just an update of what am I doing today:

1- Went to Seberang Perak "Telok Bakong" near Lambor Kiri to see this so called 'BOMOH' to find out what happen with me recently.
2- The trip start from 8.30am and got back at 7pm.

Naah! Just ignore my update, got more important things to share.

While I'm surveying a song to cover, I've found this video from youtube. This boy covering a song from Breaking Benjamin entitled , Diary Of Jane. *The formality in my english writing cannot be off... -FACEPALM!-*

I know. My first impression is this boy 'nonoki'. His voice so soft to sing the actual song. AHAHAHA!

Just wait and listen to his cover. You might not believe what kind of shit that comes out from his throat.



  1. hey , MUET ! sama laa !
    suara dia , coolio .

  2. Try listen to the original song and compare this... DANG this guy is cool!...

  3. the cover is more beautiful :D