13 Jan 2013

New tag, #WriteUp

Slumb3r tak tahu apa yang berlaku petang ni. Boring maka ambil la gitar. Google chord A7X lagu Untill The End. Terlupa ada save dalam PC ni chord yang dah save. Cari guna keyword 'Avenged Sevenfold'. Ternampak satu benda ni. Tugasan masa mula masuk ijazah. Autobiografi pasal diri sendiri.

Tahu kelemahan diri yang untuk menjadi penulis kena banyak membaca. Penulisan ini banyak perlu dibaiki.

Disclaimer: Walaupun ni tulisan autobiografi pasal Slumb3r, beberapa bahagian telah di sensor untuk keselamatan pihak tertentu. Harap Maklum...


Being an ordinary kids is somehow tiring but at the same time our  experience is very special to us alone and might not be special to other peoples. To this point, his life is nothing special but a good old memory and mingle around some unpleasant memory. I'm going to tell a story. A story about a boy named after Malacca former chief minister of Malacca, Tun Ghafar Baba.

            He was born in 15th November 1990 at Muar's Hospital and live inside an of an isolated place in Tangkak oil palm estate. After his father retire as the estate manager in that estate, the whole family start to move to Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat in 1992. In that same year, his little brother was born and also named after Malacca former chief minister, Tan Sri Rahim Tambichik.The boy has 3 step sisters and 3 step brothers and one little brother. Not much known about his late step mother because in 1993 his step mother pass away due to stroke.

            His life were perfect until in 2003 his mother and father divorce. He followed his mother and moved to Bagan Datoh, Perak in 2005 and finished his school there. He had to struggle because in that new environment he need to take PMR examination. Eventually he survived the hard time with a help of someone. A girl called miss A is his special friend that help him during that hard time. They both are closed together after a year in that new environment. Now 2012 and currently he studied in the same university and surprisingly in the same course with Miss A.

            The boy's interests is just like other normal boy. He like music, photography and he like to write. He really admire an oversea music band called Avenged Sevenfold and a successful local photographer, Saiful Nang. But as for writing, he still need a mentor. He love arts as well as politics. But his experience with a failed job interview tell him that to be careful with politics because he might mistaken between 'human interest' and 'politics'.

            In 2012 he has achieved a proud diploma result of above 3.5 GPA and managed his own blog called Slumb3rstory.blogspot.com Many pleasant story we might heard from him because he try not to remember the unpleasant memories. People called him as 'Par' or his real name is Abdul Ghafar Bin Nawi.

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