24 May 2011

Morale Down = Stress

Hye people.

This no regular post. I just wanna someone to read this. I know that this person checking regularly on my blog but not too often. I just wanna this person know how I feeling recently.

1. My family and I've just got back from Kedah last sunday after visiting my cousin having 'Kenduri cukur jambul' for his new daughter. My body still tired from the travel because during 4 days we there is only visiting people and shopping.

Thursday= Tired after driving more than 4 hour from Perak to Kedah
Friday= Jitra-Kangar-Padang Besar-Jitra. Wholeday trip.
Saturday= The kenduri
Sunday= Tired after driving more than 3 hours from Kedah to Perak.

My body really tired.

2. My Daddy hospitalized again. I dunno what happen but my lil bro tell me that he was informed by my sis that he is hospitalized again. This really spice things up. During my final presentation week, he hospitalized for the first time after last time on 2003 or 2002. Kept me worried there.

However, my lil bro has visiting my daddy last few weeks and see his condition  quite bad. Not bad as BAD~~  but bad in terms of living.

My lil bro told me that after my daddy hospitalized, his mushrooms farm were slightly abandoned and slowly disrupt his cash flow of income. What can I say from his story is that my daddy unable to sustain his life just like before. My lil bro eat instant noodle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What are shame. And the worse part is that there is no 'tambang' from Johor to Perak.

My mom keep asking 'why you dont want to see your father?'
My replied is simple, 'I'm broke, no money to comeback from Johor, No time because next week is the new semester starting'
If I have a car or a motorcycle, I can frequently visit my daddy. And I has no excuse for not visiting him.

3. The semester break is already starting. This short holiday restricted my plan for anything. I can't do anything. Last semester's 'heat' is not cooling enough and next week has start the new heat. FUUUKKK...

When is time for family?
When is time for my self?
When is time for my hunny bunny?

This give me a headache! serious headache!!

4. For the first time of my life, I'm worried for my result tomorrow. Last sem seriously HELL. For the first time in my LIFE I've failed my midterm for Event Management Subject. Seriously worried!

5.Got job for wedding photo shoot  at my friend's house. Feeling more like underpaid somehow. Next time for my work, No more business with friend prices. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.

What can I do now is hope that things will turnout good.
I'm sorry. But there is more up inside my head. For now this is what concern my the most.