14 Feb 2011

Pertandingan Kepenggunaan 2011


Woaa!!.. Short update only. Slumber so0o0 excited because Slumb3r found several link to share about competition that Slumb3r think that this competition quite easy. Feel free to browse this link to check out the competition.

One of the competition that grab Slumb3r attention is the photography and poster competition. Click to respective link to check out the regulation regarding the competition.

For those who like to write rather than do artistic thinggy, there also blog competition and essay writing competition.

Take a peek at those prize for first place and the consolation prize. DAMN!! Slumb3r want those!! 
Slumb3r want to push my luck as far as Slumb3r could!!~~

Guh!!! Already late for my silat class!!... chow!!

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