13 Feb 2011

Berjimba Di Melaka


After a long way journey to reducing stress end up with a night out with Slumb3r's housemates, Zam, Rafiq and Azril. The only person is missing is Najmi because of uncertain and unknown reasons. While his at home he manage to help my other classmate changing my classmate flat tire in front of Slumb3r's house. Good job TOIK!!

Back to the original story. Last night Slumb3r got into a trip after canceling a trip to silat class at IKBN Alor Gajah. Slmb3r had to tell a half true story to my coach about Slumb3r absences to the class. OOOOWWH DAMN!!..

Got out the house almost at 10 pm and got back at 3am. That is what the exact time when Slumb3r got back from silat class last Friday. Got bruises all over the body. haha.

Slumb3r's house mates joined Firdaus, Faris and Hafize at Dataran Pahlawan. Actually there a loo0o0ong story how we meet them but Slumb3r wanna make it shot. Enjoy these pix first...

Kincir air at Bandar Hilir

This pic has been taken by Najmi

At DP parking lot

Wallpaper next to CIMB Bank at DP

From right, Zam, Azril and Rafiq

Waiting for Hafize, Faris and firdaus at DP

Already 1.30 am by this time

There is night club near this place, that is why there lots of car although the time is 2am.

Azril and Firdaus scandelism.

Take a break at DP toilet

Night photo shoot at Afamosa

Trying my new speed light. This photo taken by Azril

Creepy place inside Afamosa entrance

Still creepy

Okay!... actually there are lots of picture taken but some of them were deleted by DAMN Firdaus a.k.a Kakal!!... Curse you kakal!!

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