9 Feb 2011

No tension release...


I'm tired... Really tired...

Got too much assignments waiting. I need time for my self. I do have time for myself but most of them used to think. Too much of thinking make my life a bit 'serabut'. I don't know why but it seems like I need a time off.

The question is, what that I've done to be in this such tension way of life?

Start off when I need to enjoy my life. Then my life come miserable with this words:

"You struggle dulu dalam masa lima tahun untuk diploma dan degree you, lepas tu you boleh la enjoy sebab you dah kerja dan dah ada duit" (Mdm Najah Raihan, 2011)

This quotation from my event management class here in UiTM. She really professional. I mean REALLY professional in the term of professional. She take our attendance on every class with high punctuality count. She appreciate those who coming early in her class. Damn she soo0 good.

However we might miss her quite loong time because she is now hospitalized due to something about her pregnancy or whatever. I dunno, just guessing.

Okay, what am I say is that... I need to enjoy my life. What kind of enjoyment that I seek?

I like to do what I like to do such as playing games, do designing, make people happy around me and having no people dislikes me. That kind of enjoyment. Some sort of entertainment for me. Passion of doing things is personal satisfaction for me. I like motorbikes, something beautiful, music, sound and shiny.

In order to achieve that I need something. Something that everyone want. People say that thing can bring happiness and destruction. I seek not power. Not health. But something called as MONEY!!

In my head right now there is so0o0 much money making ideas need to be done. The opportunity is right infront of my eyes. What I need to do is just to grab it.

How am I supposed to grab it??

Later on I will explain how, but for now I need to share this thing.

This silvery gray thing called MacBookPro. One of the Apple Macintosh laptop. I want this really bad. 

How bad??


Ok... got to go somewhere.. thata

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