22 Jan 2011

Rempit song

Dammn!! They are really good...

Ok, not long ago I post something called 'sibuk saja hampir tiada masa'. In that post I wrote about My favorite motorbike, Yamaha RXZ.

This eve I sat in my car with my mom to buy things before I go back to Malacca tomorrow and talk about my dream of having RXZ before I continue to my degree in Shah Alam. Frankly, she does not give a soo called 'good response' and I got a lil bit disappointed.

I start to 'google-ing' about a second hand RXZ to be sold and manage to get a very good price. However with lack of foundation, I just leave it for now.

The best part is, I wiki to see what type of RXZ was and I stumble upon a wiki page about 'Rempit'. DAMN!! this is the link to that page.

On the last page of the wiki there are small bold title, 'songs aiming Mat Rempits' and I try to get some of the song. Frankly I got this really cool thing. This is parody of 'Tokyo Drift' song from Teriyaki Boys and sang by DJ's of Hits.fm; JJ and Rudy. They are DAMMNN good!!.... I mean, at the part of spoiling the song... Okess!! Enjoy!

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