14 Jan 2011

Phothography for money or hooby?


Well, too much Malay language already and this post going to be in English. My English is not to bad and not too good. It place somewhere in the middle.


This post going to be about my DSLR camera model Nikon D3000. This is my first DSLR camera.

What is DSLR? DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. The good things with this camera is that it can shoot with no extra light at all. On the other words it can take a picture in the dark.

DSLR can take good picture in the dark compare to any digital compact camera.

Frankly my camera has basic feature only. With 18-55mm AF-S Nikkor lens, sling bag and simple cleaning kit. This is the camera that get me B+ for my photo communication subject during the third semester here in UiTM.

Guess what, this set is going to get a new family member of YN465 TTL Flash or also known as speed light.
Pic from dslrkit.com

For the price of RM 300 I will get a speedlight with diffuser mount on it. OHH!! sooo excited...

That's all for today, I'm going to done a small changes in this blog. Wait for the result.. tha tha!!~

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