17 Dec 2011

Degree Interview 2011

A fine morning start with subuh prayer and dress quickly to attend my future interview at UiTM Seri Iskandar.

Arrive 8am with Najmi's car and meet new friends (New?... Na ah!). Hehe!. Meeting old friends here simply drop my nervous feeling a lil bit. Had a nice talk with Amri, Ceroi, Mira, Mira (got 2 Mira here, Mira pending and Mira sizuka), Zeti, Ijat, Una, Nanad, Sarah, Naim, Anis, Ana and Ina.

A set of Masscom from UiTM Malacca that creates HAVOC at the interview waiting room. HAHA!. Miss all of my friends from there.

I think today's interview went sooo0o0 well with me as the first candidate (as usual!). Mrs. interviewee are from PR sequence. Wearing specs and blue tudung. Quite fluent with English but at the same time terkeluar melayu kadang2.

There notting much to talk about during the interview session. The interviewee just ask me what actually I'm doing during my final semester for diploma yadayadayada, a lilbit about myself, blablabla and finally a question session with her.

One of my question for her is "may I know your name miss?", "do you know when are the intake after this interview?" "do you know any scholarship for publishing?" "do you think with my result are eligible to apply any scholarship?" and finally "Is there anything else you want to ask me mam?"

Finished the session at 9.40 something and waiting for Najmi's turn.

After a loong waiting hour finally we've done with the session and having lunch at KFC Seri Iskandar to meet Fizi. Hehehe.

Okay, Just to talk that. OH! before I forgot, I've choosen Publishing as my Major during degree next coming March! So far, Najmi, Kak Nanad and Me were Perakian who choosing publishing as our major. Don't have news from other state. Hopefully the people that I can work with....


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