30 Jun 2011

Nukilan isi Hati

Salam... Read this when you feel necessary. Ignore it. Not thing interesting here to tell

Got nothing to wrote here today. Just a thought of mine for now.

1. Be prepared for the worse coming. (my dad's health)
2. Continue life. (got assignments to work on)
3. Be brave on what is happening now.

Basically, none of ya realize that my life have become more difficult for me. Day to day, time by time. None of ya understand. Yes... really...

Have a quarrel with my GF about I'm being busy lately. And again being single~ AGAIN. I don't understand girls. Seriously I'm flop with girl. Don't mention how many times I've searched and searched again, the result is still same. I don't know what is wrong with me. It's either me or her.

Just a little thought of me.

Many of you think that being me and this girl are crazy. I have several of my friend wondering:

"kaw dah kenapa ni? gaduh lg ke dengan buah hati kaw"
"yeap, kenapa?"
"Aku tak faham kenapa kaw masih lg dengan dia la sedangkan selalu gaduh"
"Well, feelings. Entah la."

I keep telling myself that she is the one for me. But every time we have problem. All the thing she said is like this:
"kite putus je la. syg bukan sape2 lg buat by"

Well, back again I'm asking my self. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

I might find the answer with someone else coz, I unable to answer this complicated question tahap gaban. Kalah exam SPM dgn STPM.

It is always my trend to look what is my fault rather than blame it on someone else. Take a look within our self, in other words muhasabah diri. Why is this happen to me, how am i going to solve, what is wrong with me blablabla yadayadayada and all sorts of things I ask myself. Not all of the questions that can be answered.

Back again:
1. Adakah aku selalu sibuk sampai lupa dia?
Naah! as for me, I know how to differentiate between unimportant and important things.
2. Apa aku dah buat?
Dunno. I'm just being me. Walaupun sesekali dia meluahkan perbezaan semasa berstatus 'resident' dengan 'non-resident'.What is the difference? Duduk dalam atau duduk luar, sama je. Pergi kelas kat dalam juga.
3. Keluar dengan perempuan je.
Kereta takda, moto takda. Apa yg ada? ini pun menumpang sessiapa yang sudi. Adat la menumpang. Kita tak tahu siapa tuan kereta bawa. Again! the blame is on me.

Being too over protective is not good. Really not good. Is not like I'm having an affair with someone else.

Hubungan kita jauh. You there, and I'm here. What do you want? SMS 24 hr each day? Hei! get a life! Mesra? nak mesra macam dulu? yeah! dulu sama-sama. kelas sama, sekolah sama, duduk dalam 1 negeri yang sama. semua sama. Jangan samakan dulu dengan sekarang la. Sekarang dah lain. Kenapa susah nak faham??

I'm telling the world today. Let them judge who is wrong and who is right. Back again, Tia, Haziq and your friends will back you up. Kita bergaduh jangan sampai libatkan kawan-kawan. Tapi bila sampai dalam fb status single, people will keep wondering. Back again! the BLAME on ME!

Fine! do as you want. Takda istilah memalukan kat sini. Nak malu ape?... Tak cukup ke kat FB?...

Guy have the ego, girls have the emo. My ego is like this. Go on! tell the whole world about us.

Jauh di lubuk hati..... I Still LOVE you...


  1. dlm hati ada taman taw par nie!! ckp kat awek kau, xpayah nk emo sgt.. biasa lar tu kalo jarang msg, kt kn bz....:))

    x msg, xbermakna kita dah lupa kan die...
    grow up lar!!

  2. Paranoid... that is what i can say...

  3. rileks r par..skang ni yang lebih penting pelajaran..kite dah last sem,ketepikan je semua tu...

    die nak paham ke tak, tu terpulang lah kat die..kalau dah jodoh tak kemana, kalau dah takde jodoh, ko boleh dapat lebih baik dari tu :)