21 Feb 2012

Keadaan memaksa


Hari ni balik kerja lambat sebab tolong temankan Azril repair tayar depan dia sebab pancit. Jumpe plak dia kat Petronas dekat dengan McD opis. Nasib baik. Bengkel moto dekat pun dekat Ipoh Garden sebelah 7e. Setel tu baru la balik.

Just got phone call from my mom. She asked me to apply PTPTN loan for my first degree. I'm speechless for a moment there. That is far beyond my planning.

Before this I've tried to look for other ways to support me during my studies there, but never seems to find one that support my course and my Uni. My self motivation dropped 100% from this point and beyond.

I've been asking myself, why do I study hard on my diploma while the end result just like ordinary guys?

No motivation for me at this moment. I don't know why but it seems all is lost. I have no motivation to do better with this upcoming degree. No reason at all for me to perform well.

I've been calculating my overall diploma plus degree education loan. My diploma loan about RM 12500 if I'm not mistaken and going to be more about RM 12k

How am I supposed to pay that amount?



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