2 Jan 2012

Recap 2011

Hello guys.

A helluva week without a computer to play with. Okay.

Enough intro, lemme straight forward. This post going to be a recap of 2011 and the highlights of 2011 in my life. DUH!

FYI, early of this year I was in part 5. As usual, every starting sem is going to be something like bz with schedule, class where, assignments to plan and do yadayadayada and all sort of things. But I'm going to talk a lil bit of it coz sem 5 one of the busiest semester during my diploma time.

Got event subject, broadcasting subject that we needed to do short film, marketing, research and some subjects that I don't remember.(done!)

Anyhow! This list shorten it
  •  Finished my blog banner that I've use until now. Second banner, 26 Feb
  • Got my THIRD cincin early this year. Cincin kedua post , May 7
  • My hardisk crash and needed money to repair about RM1600. Mana nak cari RM1600? post 27 June
  • I've wrote about Bersih 2.0 and got so0o0 many comments and critiques. Perhimpunan bersih 2.0, 8 July
  • Helping my PSSCM to organize Majlis penerangan peringkat UiTM KAG. PSA PSSCM, 3 July.
  • Organize my photoblog. Tak tahu biler nk publish. Photoblog header, 6 Aug.
  • Got my 3rd photography wedding at Kuala Pilah. Single weds, double couples, 19 Sept.
  • On going promoting my professional event, TOUCH 2011 and discover my sister's daughter's and my granddaughter's blog. It's in my blood, 6 Sept
  • Finished my diploma in communication and media studies with best result ever!. Final result diploma, 4 Nov.
  • Get to work for Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri cawangan Ipoh as Pembantu tadbir gred 21sambilan. Finally dah bermajikan, 20 Nov
  • Got degree interview at UiTM Seri Iskandar. Degree interview, 17 Dec.

So far, this were the highlights for 2011. Ni tak masuk lagi bab PC breakdown bayk kali.

Oh yea, malam new year lepas Slumb3r mengemas bilik sebab banjir tangki bocor. PC, Baju, Buku dan segala-gala yang terletak atas lantai semua basah. Dugaan di awal tahun. Memang mencabar.

Dah la, nak main game release tensi semua ni. Tata...

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