19 Mar 2011

Bila masa tah aku bagitahu...


Seriusly, this week is another hell. Why hell? there are several factors including:

1. My phone has sim card problem. No one can contact with me during this dark hour.
2. Got to travel from Malacca to perak and vice versa just to deliver my mom's car.
3. My girl friend sentap.
4. Money flows like water from my wallet.
5. Work need to be done next week.

Another word, same as last week but this week with my phone broke down... adds 'ummph' to all the prob.

To my father at Johor and my mother at Perak. Sorry, I don't have time this week to go repair my phone. Maybe next week will there time for myself or even my side activities.

Just an update of my side work:

1. Already finished my design for event my class organize, Busana Islam.
2. Already finished design work for my roommate event, Talk for Industrial Relation subject.
3. Currently working for designing next event for my roommate.

Hehe... sorry my fellow silat club members... Miss you all... I have soo many work and unable to finish up our event, Kejohanan Bowling. Sory to ijat, my silat president because I have trouble you soooo much because not doing the proposal for Annual Grand Meeting (AGM). I don't expected that this semester will be the busiest semester. This semester is the worst compare to other semester before this.

Rasa bersalah menguasai. Harap boleh tebus dikemudian hari.

Hehehe!!... To my housemate, I have watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. From 5 stars, I gave 3.8. Maybe next time I tell why 3.8.

That's all. Ciaw!

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